Standard Flatbed Truck Bodies

Standard Flatbed Trucks

The Wil-Ro standard flatbed truck body has the basic features you need for your truck plus more. High-quality materials, craftsmanship, and expertise are built into every Wil-Ro product. Our design reflects decades of industry knowledge regarding transporting heavy equipment and materials.

Standard doesn’t mean boring. We have made a name for ourselves with innovative and ergonomic designs that allow even the most basic features to shine.

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Let Wil-Ro construct your next flatbed truck bed with what you need and how you need it. From construction to general manufacturing to transportation and beyond, we will build a truck body that’s right for you.

Made to fit most makes and models, you are able to choose the rugged platform of the truck bed with floors available in smooth steel, steel treadplate, wood, and more. You can also pick from a range of 8′ to 30′ flatbeds with headboards available in different heights and shapes to provide coverage across the rear window and truck cabin.

Keep your cargo where it should be by adding equipment straps or a variety of sides to the flatbed. Wil-Ro also installs forklift kits, stake pockets, and hitches to make the truck bed as convenient and efficient as you need it to be.

As one of your most important pieces of equipment, your work truck should be built to last. Wil-Ro has been manufacturing flatbeds for trucks for over 45 years. We stand out from the crowd with a trusted, quality product that won’t need repairing or replacing. We’ll prove it to you with this flatbed truck body.

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  • Multiple Sizes from 8-30 ft. to Fit Most Truck Makes and Models
  • Available Floors: Smooth Steel, Steel Treadplate, Wood
  • Multiple Headboards Fit and Complete the Look of the Truck
  • Hitches
  • Sides
  • Stake Pockets
  • Equipment Straps
  • Forklift Kits

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