Factory Tour

Look under our roof and learn how Wil-Ro turns sheet metal into the best truck bodies on the road. We welcome visitors to meet the faces that have forged Wil-Ro in the fires of the American spirit. Come and learn what makes our team and products special. Get a glimpse at the processes and the hardworking hands that build our truck bodies. Stop by our factory in Gallatin, Tennessee and check out what we are working on to serve the work truck community.


Each Wil-Ro truck body begins with understanding the problem you need solved. From there, your solution is custom-designed using the latest drafting and modeling software. At every step of the process, Josiah and his team account for your unique needs, which are included in the comprehensive design.

At Wil-Ro, we build a quality product. Our bodies are built to last—from the quality of the design, the weld, and how we do business right—that’s what sets us apart.

Josiah    |   Drafter/Fabricator


The truck body begins to take shape in cutting and forming, where raw material takes form and awakens. Every piece of the truck bed is cut at the plasma table, and all necessary bends are put in place with press brakes. With all the pieces cut and formed, they head to welding and fabrication.

I’ve had my hands on every piece of metal and every truck bed that goes through Wil-Ro. I like working with my hands and seeing the quality product that I’ve made, especially when I can see it going down the road. I’ve known customers to go through three or four truck chassis without wearing out their Wil-Ro truck body.

Buster   |   Cutting & Forming


Individual pieces of metal head to welding and fabrication where Wil-Ro’s skillful team brings our truck bodies to life. Fabricating the premier truck body product on the market is in our DNA. Only the most durable and high-quality materials are used to craft every Wil-Ro bed, giving you a product that will last for years to come.

I love a challenge and being able to fabricate and build with my hands. At Wil-Ro, everyone works together as a team to make sure our truck bodies look and perform better than all others.

Anthony   |   Fabricator


Our paint application process isn’t just about making your truck look great. When our team begins a new coat, protecting your truck is on their mind. We know you need a rugged truck body that can withhold weather and withstand a job as tough as yours.

I feel a sense of pride every time I’m driving and see a Wil-Ro truck body on the road – I know that I have an impact on our brand. I really like our team at Wil-Ro. From our culture to the positive attitudes and energy, we work together to build a quality product – as a team.

Gage   |   Truck Body Painter


Our goal is to ensure that every shipment of truck bodies is ready to install and mount– immediately. From pinstriping, to installing door latches or trim options, to prewiring all truck bodies with light and wire harness packages – we do it all. Let us manage the details so that you don’t have to. Our factory-trained experts provide service and support at your location or our’s. Partner with one of our highly skilled team members and learn what sets the Wil-Ro brand apart.

Our experts oversee putting all of the final touches on the trucks and preparing the body for shipment or installation. It takes a skilled hand to manage these details.




Once the truck body is fully assembled, it is now ready to be installed on any model, brand, truck or chassis. Wiring is secured in place using custom-made harnesses. During installation, each bed receives a final quality check from one of Wil-Ro’s highly experienced installers. With nearly 50 years of expertise between our lead installers, you won’t find a more knowledgeable and passionate team than that of Wil-Ro, Inc.

I enjoy doing a good job on every truck body because it’s very rewarding. I’m the last one to touch each truck, so I know it has to be perfect before it leaves our factory. We’ve seen competitors’ truck bodies over the last 20+ years and we know that our bodies, craftsmanship, and brand set us apart.

Randy   |   Installation


Let us handle the details – it’s what we do best. Logistics is part of the deal when purchasing Wil-Ro truck bodies. Whether we’re delivering your truck bodies or arranging and loading shipments of multiple bodies, every detail will be organized and led by our team of experts.

The feedback from our customers is always good.

We knock out a quality product here, and we wouldn’t build it if we couldn’t build it right. We’re committed to doing an excellent job for every product, every time.

Ron   |   Delivery

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