Flatbed Series Truck Beds

No matter what you desire to transport and where you intend to travel, our Flatbeds are in it for the long haul. While your hands are your most diligent tool, you always need a reliable assistant.



Our American Flatbed is anything but standard. Also known as the Wil-Ro “workhorse,” we guarantee it will help ease any burdens of the tasks at hand. American Flatbed

patriot flatbed


Our Patriot Flatbed offers sturdy craftsmanship and the functionality to cover all your transporting and work-site needs, plus it features a chamfered rear, stake pockets, and optional add-ons to fit your needs. Patriot Flatbed

freedom flatbed


Our Freedom Flatbed provides the maximum deck/platform space, so transporting for your job can be easier with this flatbed, and its optional 4-inch drop-in sides, drop-in rear gate and underbody toolbox. Freedom Flatbed

skirted flatbed


Our Skirted Flatbed utilizes the space of the truck bed, with an added heavy-duty metal skirt surrounding the bottom with even more space for additional storage, plus it comes with four built-in toolboxes. Skirted Flatbed

utility flatbed


Our Utility Flatbed provides you with maximum storage and efficiency, plus offers excellent versatility for the jobs that need space in the truck bed and the ability to hold tools and other materials. Utility Flatbed

liberty main


Our Liberty Flatbed combines unique design features of our popular Skirted and Utility Flatbeds, offering more storage and bed deck space to provide greater functionality and efficiency. Liberty Flatbed

western flatbed


Our Western Flatbed offers top-tier craftsmanship with a louvered headboard and chamfered finishes for seamless transport and work-site performance. It features a sloped rear floor for easy maneuvering, stake pockets, and optional add-ons to tailor to your specific needs. Western Flatbed

hotshot main


Our United Hotshot is no-frills bed gets that the job done when a speedy shipment is needed. It is modular in design, lightweight, strong, offering a 30K max towing capacity. United Hotshot

hotshot main


Our United Hotshot is no-frills bed gets that the job done when a speedy shipment is needed. It is modular in design, lightweight, strong, offering a 30K max towing capacity. United Hotshot


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Pickup Truck Flatbed Manufacturer

Our quality flatbeds are in it for the long haul. Wil-Ro offers several different styles designed with innovation and built with expert craftsmanship to give you a reliable and efficient truck bed. We work diligently to make our products fit your business’s needs with sleek, eye-catching, and professional designs.

All of our truck bodies offer easy hitching and towing, the ability to fit a variety of different vehicle makes and models, and several optional features to make your truck work for you. While your hands are your most valuable tool, you always need a reliable assistant. You can count on Wil-Ro to give you maximum efficiency and productivity at arm’s reach.

We’re veteran-owned and American-made. These truck bodies are the result of more than 45 years of expertise and excellent service to customers. Find the right transportation, be it our Flatbed Series, Landscape Series or Platform Series. Wil-Ro offers the features and hands-on service that will help you find the perfect fit. Our American-made products are built with strength and integrity. Do your best work – we have your back with quality flatbed truck beds.


"Wil-Ro is one of the few companies that still do what they say. They build good products with a competitive price, great people."
- Rick Boggs, Fleet Manager, Reeder Chevrolet
"We have been doing business with Wil- Ro for the past few years, and their products are top-notch! They have met or exceeded our fleet customers' expectations. Always completed our upfits in a timely manner. If you are not using Wil-Ro, then you're missing the boat!"
- Brandon Cage, Commercial Accounts Manager, Bale Chevrolet
"At IP Truck, we look for partners that have high-quality products, provide exceptional service, and help us in meeting our customer's timelines. With Wil-Ro, that is exactly what we've gotten—they are easy to do business with, and their bodies are outstanding!"
- Brian O'Neil, VP & Co-Owner, Industrial Power Truck & Equipment
"You guys did an awesome job on my truck bed. I really like the detail you put in it. I am delighted!"
- David Barela, Wil-Ro Truck Body Owner
"I would highly recommend Wil-Ro. I have been doing business with them since 1994 and what they do is good work, and it shows through Middle Tennessee. They have put two gooseneck plates in my truck, and my family has several of their trucks."
- Chris Smith, Wil-Ro Truck Body Owner
"Wil-Ro has gone above and beyond for me. I have an older flatbed of Wil-Ro's, and I had a fender that was dented a bit, and I wanted it replaced. Wil-Ro sent me a set of fenders, but they were from a newer model flatbed. Most manufacturers would have likely said, sorry, man, you have an older model that we no longer have parts for, but Wil-Ro made it a priority to find the ones that work, and I appreciated it. Thanks for the help and Wil-Ro for going above and beyond to take care of a customer."
- Garrett McKay, Wil-Ro Truck Body Owner
"I just can't live without my Wil-Ro truck bed, whether it's on the ranch or running my landscape construction business. And it is great to know it's made locally in Tennessee by a company that loves God, Family, and Country!"
- Michael Poe, Wil-Ro Truck Body Owner

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Our knowledgeable sales team understands the unique needs of the construction industry, landscaping industry, and more. We can help you find the best solution for your flatbeds’ needs.

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