No matter the journey, this expedition trailer will keep up. For an adventure trailer option, this model allows you to be daring with your adventures, not with your gear. The Independence trailer has plenty of options for you to build a compact and well-equipped travel solution. With the Independence, you’re not limited to RV and camper parks because our trailers are tough enough to venture off-road.

Being in nature both alone and with others for a breath of fresh air is necessary. Simplify the logistics of adventuring in the great outdoors so you can enjoy it more often!

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The Independence trailer can carry your cargo for weekend adventures or extended explorations. Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, check out top tent options. Your bed can follow you, or any travel companions, to remote campsites and rugged terrains.

Embrace off-grid exploration. Enjoy freedom and convenience in nature with separate water, cooking, and power features. Kayak and standard racks are also available. Make the most of your time outdoors. Our trailers are easy to use and keep supplies organized so you can focus on the adventure, not the gear.

It’s time to pick your trailer, pack your bags, and let your worries pass by in the rear-view mirror. Our adventure trailers come with the convenience, safety and utility our customers have experienced with our quality truck bodies. Standard features include breakaway trailer brakes, off-road tires, d-rings to secure equipment, and lockable front and rear doors to the storage box.

As a business, we know the importance of balance, and we value time outside of work. We’re excited to bring the craftsmanship and quality we’ve put into our truck beds for over 45 years into a recreational trailer – tow one along on your next camping, hiking, or outdoor journey. Our American manufacturing allows the Independence model to live up to its name. Find your next adventure with this durable expedition trailer.

  • Total Trailer Dimensions
    • 10’4″ L X 7′ W
  • Rear Door Box Dimensions
    • 20″ L X 50″ W X 30″ H
    • Slide-out Rear Shelf with Propane Oven
    • Permanent Top Shelf
  • Side Through Box Dimensions
    • 54″ L X 52″ W X 30″ H
    • Electrical Accessory Controls
    • Fresh Water Tank
  • Front Storage Box
    • Battery Powered Electrical System with Inverter
    • Honda Generator
  • Top Mounted Pop-Up Tent
    • Tent Dimensions (Open) – 56″ L X 96″ W X 51″ H
    • Telescoping Aluminum Ladder
  • Empty Trailer Weight with Tent
    • 1850 LBS
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