Press Release: Wil-Ro, Inc. Introduces Three New Products in Q3 2022, Launches New Brand, TerraRover Overland Company

Wil-Ro Adds Two New Distributor Partners, Totaling 29 Partners Across 17 States

(FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) GALLATIN, Tenn. – October 11, 2022Wil-Ro, Inc., a leading truck body manufacturer based in Gallatin, Tenn., was busy in the third quarter of 2022, introducing three new products, expanding its Distributor Partner Network, and launching a new adventure trailer brand, TerraRover Overland Company. Wil-Ro’s commitment to innovation and growth is reflected in these strategic moves and sets a solid pace for the remainder of the year.

Wil-Ro Expands Flatbed and Landscape Series Product Lines:

“Our team is excited to have released three new products that are on track to meet our growing customer needs,” said Spencer Cassady, Product Engineer at Wil-Ro, Inc. “We are enthusiastic about rolling out our first Landscape Trailer, as this will help us target a new market during an uncertain time when chassis are harder to come by.”

Two New Distributors / Dealer Partners – Q3 2022 include:

These new partners strengthen Wil-Ro’s reach in the Midwest, boasting a vibrant roster in Missouri, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Minnesota. Wil-Ro offers financing options to all new Distributor Partners, providing exclusive financing options through a strategic partnership with Northpoint Commercial Finance.

Wil-Ro continues its strong presence at industry tradeshows to stay ahead of the curve and offer new Distributor Partners special deals to combat market challenges related to supply chain and tighter budgets.

“Attending the NATDA Trailer Show, NTEA Commercial Vehicle Upfitting Summit, and other industry events provides Wil-Ro great insight into new changes and how we can best accommodate our customers,” said Cody Dieter, Install Team Lead at Wil-Ro, Inc. “These events keep our team informed and aware of any significant OEM news.”

August 2022 marked a new milestone for Wil-Ro’s innovation as the company crossed into new territory, launching an adventure trailer brand, TerraRover Overland Company. Drawing from a half-century of manufacturing excellence, TerraRover trailers were revealed as part of Wil-Ro’s booth space at the NATDA Trailer Show in Nashville. Turning heads and generating buzz, TerraRover won the award for 2022 Most Innovative New Recreational Trailer, presented by the NATDA’s Dealer Advisory Board.

The TerraRover brand is born out of Wil-Ro’s manufacturing heritage, and the company operates independently of Wil- Ro, focusing on 2-wheel towable overland and tent trailers. The TerraRover Team has a busy 2022-2023 schedule, exhibiting at leading events such as Overland Expo Series, SEMA Show, and others, showcasing its high-quality trailers.

“We’re thrilled to launch TerraRover, a passion project for Wil-Ro’s leadership, capitalizing on the growing outdoor adventure tourism market. We are eager to establish and grow a Distributor Network with qualified partners ready to Brave the Wild with TerraRover,” said Joshua J. Coster, President & Owner of Wil-Ro, Inc. and TerraRover Overland Co.

Looking ahead, Wil-Ro remains optimistic for supply chain and chassis shortages to improve later this year into early 2023. Wil-Ro will be a returning exhibitor at NTEA WorkTruckWeek in March 2023 in Indianapolis, Indiana, with an exciting line-up of products.

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