Drew’s Lawn & Landscape

Drew’s Lawn & Landscape

Wil-Ro in the Wild – Drew’s Lawn & Landscape

Wil-Ro had the opportunity to chat with Dustin Miller, Licensed Horticulturist and Business Manager of Drew’s Lawn & Landscape, LLC. Drew’s Lawn & Landscape has elevated its business using several Wil-Ro truck bodies, enabling their crews to have more efficient workdays. Drew’s has provided professional landscape and lawn care services in Middle Tennessee for over 13 years.

Drew’s Lawn & Landscape, Our Team
L-R: Dustin Miller, Business Manager, Drew Townsend, Owner, and Jared Elledge, Business Development

Q: Could you tell us about your company, services, and products?

A: Drew’s Lawn & Landscape is a full-service lawn and landscape company. We do everything from landscape installs to hardscape installs. We also offer lighting, landscape maintenance, and lawn care. We are the one-stop-shop for all things lawn and landscape.

Q: What specific Wil-Ro truck bodies does your company use?

A: We have at least one of every type of landscape body that Wil-Ro manufacturers. We have the standard landscape bodies, a removable dovetail body, and some landscape dumps.

Drew’s Lawn & Landscape

Q: How does your company use our Standard Landscape body in your day-to-day work?

A: The standard landscape bodies are perfect for our mowing crews. We can typically fit turn mowers, a couple of push mowers, and all of our two-cycle equipment on the racks. We use the boxes on the front of the truck for hand tools, shovels, and racks. They are perfect for our mowing and maintenance teams.

Q: What features on the Removable Dovetail body are most beneficial to your operations?

A: The removable dovetail is great for our lawn care team. We do a split, hybrid program that’s liquid and granular. So, in the first part of the season, we have the dovetail off of the truck with a 400-gallon spray tank on the body. Then, in September, we put the dovetail back on when we get to aeration and seeding. We can load fertilizer and grass seed over the side and run our aerator and spreaders up the dovetail the rest of the year. It’s a great truck for all-around use.

Drew’s Lawn & Landscape

Q: Lastly, could you tell me about your Landscape Dump trucks?

A: Our dump trucks are great for our install team. First off, right behind the cab, there’s a massive toolbox that we use to store blowers, 2-cycle equipment, and hand tools. All that stuff is locked up and safe. We can haul dirt, rocks, and mulch in these dump trucks. Also, the sides fold down, which is nice for large B&B landscape materials, like trees. We can haul those and pick them up from the side, making it a lot easier for the crews.

Drew’s Lawn & Landscape

Thank you to Dustin and Drew’s Lawn & Landscape for speaking with us and allowing us to come out to your job sites. More information on Drew’s Lawn & Landscape can be found on their website: drewslawn.com.

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