At Wil-Ro, it’s not a job –  it’s a passion for crafting the best truck bodies while leading a premier brand. Our dedication is your pride, and we don’t stop working until everyone achieves success. We know our differences are our strengths, and we are confident that you’ll appreciate our brand once you’ve met our team.




What is your favorite Wil-Ro body?

My favorite Wil-Ro truck body is the Skirted Hauler. When I first started here, each time I walked by one of those bodies, I thought, ‘Man I wish I was that good. I wish I could build that.’ As time went on, I started getting better. I was trained to work on them, and now I like them the best. I take a lot of pride in  my work, which all of us do at Wil-Ro.

How did you get into welding?

My dad worked at Wil-Ro  in the 1980s, so I’ve always known about the company – it’s always been a part of my life. We work on a farm so my dad was always welding something; building something. I picked up a lot of it from him.




What is your favorite Wil-Ro truck body?

The landscape truck body – because I build them. When I spot one of our trucks on the road or in action, it’s such a unique feeling knowing that I created this product, and that sense of pride stays with me.

What do you like about your job?

I love welding and learning from all phases of the production cycle. I’ve worked in every stage of building the landscape bodies and enjoy the challenge of fabricating the final assembly – it’s like a puzzle.




How did you get into welding

Welding is an art – I was an art major in college. When my son turned 16, I decided to go back to college and do something for myself.

What is your favorite truck body?

I love all of them! I take great pride in building parts for all our truck bodies – knowing that I touch every truck body that we manufacture. I take my job seriously, and I want it to be perfect for our customers. We’re a family here at Wil-Ro, and there is genuine care for everyone that makes up our team. I’m not just a number – Wil-Ro wants me to succeed.




What is your favorite Wil-Ro body?

My favorite Wil-Ro truck is the skirted hauler. I love the looks of it – it’s eye-catching. I would definitely put it on my truck.

What do you like about the Wil-Ro culture?

We have a great sense of team here. Everyone works hard, but we have fun. I love being a part of creating our truck beds and seeing it all come together.


Wil-Ro’s team members are skilled and proud of it. We’re eager to use our experience providing value and making an impact on our customers as well as our community and colleagues. Just like our truck bodies, we’re dependable, steady, and we don’t give up. Sound like you? Apply today for a position on our team.

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