Video Interview: Learn and Try with Matt

Learn and Try with Matt / Wil-Ro, Inc. – Welding for Truck Beds – Adults with Autism

Matt Stuhrenberg visited Wil-Ro, Inc. to discuss the process of welding truck beds. Matt follows his inquisitive nose to find out how things work, why they work and why we should not to be afraid to try new things. Check out the video interview!

About Learn and Try with Matt:
Matt Stuhrenberg a Hendersonville, Tenn. local has been part of the On the Avenue and Westwood Ave crew for nearly four years. He partnered with the team at Westwood Ave on documentary work and created the “Learn and Try with Matt” show as his Individual Assignment Based Learning (IABL) project.

About On the Avenue:
On the Avenue is a safe place where people of all abilities come together to live life more abundantly, create community, and gain confidence. We believe that a welcoming and non-judgmental environment provides individuals with intellectual and learning challenges a place where they can learn to take initiative, work with others & find a joy in their daily journey.