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Hauler Series Truck Beds

No matter what you desire to transport and where you intend to travel, our utility truck beds, flatbed hauler and skirted flatbed are in it for the long haul. While your hands are your most diligent tool, you always need a reliable assistant.

Hauler Beds Series

Our quality hauler beds are in it for the long haul. Wil-Ro offers four different styles that are designed with innovation and built with expert craftsmanship to give you a reliable and efficient truck bed. We work diligently to make our products fit the needs of your business with sleek, eye-catching, and professional designs.

All of our truck bodies offer easy hitching and towing, the ability to fit to a variety of different vehicle makes and models and several optional features to make your truck work for you. While your hands are your most valuable tool, you always need a reliable assistant.

You can count on Wil-Ro to give you maximum efficiency and productivity at arm’s reach. Choose from four different haulers:

  • Standard Hauler
    Our standard hauler is anything but standard. Also known as the Wil-Ro “workhorse”, we guarantee it will help ease any burdens of the tasks at hand.
  • Flatbed Hauler
    With the maximum amount of space and surface area, transporting for your job can be easier with this flatbed hauler and it’s 4” side rails with an optional underbody toolbox.
  • Skirted Hauler
    Like our flatbed, our skirted hauler utilizes the space of the truck bed, with an added heavy-duty metal skirt surrounding the bottom with even more space for additional storage.
  • Utility Hauler
    Providing you with maximum storage and efficiency, this utility truck bed offers great versatility for the jobs that need space in the truck bed and the ability to hold tools and other materials.

These truck bodies are the result of over 45+ years of expertise and excellent service to customers. Find the right transportation, be it our hauler bed series, dump body series, landscape bed series, flatbed series, custom truck bed series or adventure trailer series. Wil-Ro offers the features and hands-on service that will help you find the perfect fit. Our American-made products are built with strength and integrity. Do your best work, we have your back with quality hauler beds.

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