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Dump Bodies Series Truck Beds

Wil-Ro dump bodies are designed to fit the needs of contractors, landscapers, and the road warriors hauling heavy loads. We’ve designed each model with the proper amount of storage and functionality to make your job easier.

Dump Body Truck Beds

Wil-Ro dump bodies are meticulously designed to haul the heavy loads. Moving dirt, gravel, debris or other loose materials? Transporting supplies to your construction site or landscaping property? One of our dump truck bodies will work for you. Innovative design and pristine execution made a name for Wil-Ro among dump truck bed manufacturers. We’ll give you, and your truck, the drive to get the job done efficiently.

When finding the right dump truck body, we know features such as an easy-to-operate hoist are a must. Wil-Ro takes it a step further by offering a variety of extra options. Our long-standing knowledge of the construction, landscaping and transportation business’ that trust our truck bodies gives us the expertise to build outstanding equipment.

Our dump body series offers two different models to meet and exceed your needs.

  • Contractor Dump Truck Bodies
    A contractor’s best friend, but not limited to the contractor profession. Rely on one of the best hoists in the business to safely unload your gravel, lumber, mulch, and more. Pile it on, this body will stand firm.
  • Landscape Dump Body
    Our lawn care truck beds offer body features with a personal touch. Choose the length, sides, and platform material of your bed, and you’re set for landscaping and grounds maintenance success.

We’re veteran-owned and American-made. Wil-Ro understands the expectations you have for your truck, and we plan to exceed them. You’ll see our quality, tradition, and personal touch with each model of our dump body series, hauler bed series, landscape series, flatbed series, custom truck bed series and adventure trailer series.

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Our knowledgeable sales team understands the unique needs of the construction industry, landscaping industry, and more. We can help you find the best solution for your needs.

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