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Custom Series Truck Beds

At Wil-Ro, we take pride in our custom truck beds built to fit any need. Our customizations include sizing, storage, hoists, headboards and much more. Now you can take on whatever the day throws at you, as long as you’re using a Wil-Ro truck body.


Custom Truck Beds

Custom truck beds are the name of the game when it comes to finding or creating solutions for your work truck. We know not every company is the same. We know not every job is the same. We’ve built an exceptional reputation throughout our 45+ years in business by finding the right fit for our customers. With many options and features available, we make it easy for tradespeople and artisans to build the perfect truck bed.

Our dump truck bodies, hauler beds, landscaper truck beds, and flatbed bodies are available with various custom truck beds and equipment. This includes sizing, storage, hoists, headboards and much more. Start with the different lengths to account for the size of your load. The popular removable dovetail available with specific models gives you the versatility of extra length that can attach or detach in less than five minutes, essentially giving you three trucks in one.

Choose from multiple sizes of stationary or fold-down sides. The fold-down functionality allows you to access your materials from either side of the vehicle while you’re loading and unloading and keeps everything contained during transport.

Make this truck bed yours and create your own storage solutions. With underbody toolboxes, headboard storage, different racks, and headboard boxes, we’ve got your smaller tools and equipment organized and covered.

Talk to us about the individual needs of your business, and we’ll provide solutions tailored to you. Veteran-owned and American-made, Wil-Ro has an established heritage in manufacturing custom-built truck beds across various industries. Our creativity and problem-solving expertise can anticipate the transportation challenges of your business. Work with Wil-Ro for all custom truck beds needs.

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Our knowledgeable sales team understands the unique needs of the construction industry, landscaping industry, and more. We can help you find the best solution for your needs.

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