Tent Trailers

Tent trailers are the perfect accessory for the adventures of a weekend warrior. Explore the outdoors – kayak, fish, hunt, camp. Repeat. Write your journey while creating memories with an adventure trailer from Wil-Ro, Inc.

Wil-Ro’s Independence 73 takes a spin off its base model and incorporates a storage rack for mounting one to three kayaks. Equipped with a spacious rooftop tent from 23ZERO, its plush queen mattress is comfortable while set up is a breeze.

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All Wil-Ro adventure trailers offer cooking, refrigeration, fresh water, storage, power generator, and electrical packages to create the perfect adventure trailer – taking you on the journey where you’ve always wanted to go.

Get away, explore. Visit new, unchartered territories with a Wil-Ro tent trailer attached to your vehicle. We are certain you will appreciate the craftsmanship and quality that is undeniably evident in our adventure trailer series. Let’s go enjoy the great outdoors together, in an expedition trailer manufactured by Wil-Ro, Inc.

  • Total Trailer Dimensions
    • 10’4″ L X 7′ W
  • Rear Door Box Dimensions
    • 20″ L X 50″ W X 30″ H
    • Slide-out Rear Shelf with Propane Oven
    • Permanent Top Shelf
  • Side Through Box Dimensions
    • 54″ L X 52″ W X 30″ H
    • Electrical Accessory Controls
    • Fresh Water Tank
  • Front Storage Box
    • Battery Powered Electrical System with Inverter
    • Honda Generator
  • Top Mounted Pop-Up Tent
    • Tent Dimensions (Open) – 56″ L X 96″ W X 51″ H
    • Telescoping Aluminum Ladder
  • Empty Trailer Weight with Tent
    • 1850 LBS
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