Irrigator Landscape Truck Bodies

Irrigation Trucks

Got water? We’ve got an irrigation truck for you. Wil-Ro’s reliable landscaping truck beds are a staple in the industry covering every variable your projects will need. Our irrigator is built for ground maintenance no matter how large or small.

The structure is comprised of storage boxes on each side of the body measuring 21 feet long and standing at 15 feet tall, making it capable of accommodating most standard piping equipment.

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Utilize the double break dovetail with 6K capacity spring-assist ramps to load and unload. This durable bed stands strong while securing your equipment with D-rings and is built to outlast the products of other truck body manufacturers.

This truck bed is all about the irrigation, but it also offers options to easily carry and stow your maintenance gear with features such as a rake and shovel holder and side storage bins. As with all Wil-Ro truck beds, add on more underbody toolboxes and bins if you’ve got extra equipment to haul.

The features found on this specific Wil-Ro truck body allow us to offer essential functionalities of irrigating your landscaping projects. This irrigator can service larger pieces of land such as parks and universities or smaller grounds such as golf courses or businesses. Choose from optional features like the hydraulic assist ramp for easier loading and unloading or an additional 5K receiver for the projects that require a heavier haul. With safety features like LED lighting and an electric brake controller with a light plug, this landscape body has options.

Choosing a truck bed comes down to a quality product you can rely on. Wil-Ro designs and builds with expertise, so you won’t have to worry about your truck getting the job done. Get tasks done efficiently with our irrigation truck.

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  • Double Break Dovetail
  • D-Rings for Securing Equipment
  • Side Storage Bins
  • Pipe Racks on Both Sides
  • Heavy Duty 6K Capacity Spring-Assist Ramps
  • Underbody Toolboxes
  • Hydraulic Assist Ramp
  • 5 K Receiver
  • Additional Bins on Each Side of Dovetail
  • Electric Brake Controller with Light Plug

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