• Platform & Gooseneck Trucks

    Wil-Ro has an exceptional line of Gooseneck and Platform truck bodies.  Our designs have evolved over many years of working with our customers to determine exactly what they need.  For the Best in Truck Equipment look to Wil-Ro.  Our Quality Shows!  

    Platform & Gooseneck Trucks
  • Manufactured Truck Bodies

    The Tradition of Fine Craftsmanship Continues as Wil-Ro satisfies customers with custom built truck bodies. From Landscapers to Haulers to Gooseneck and Platform, Wil-Ro Trucks are designed to do the Job and make you Money.

    Manufactured Truck Bodies
  • Landscape Truck Bodies

    Are you tired of dragging a trailer around?   Our Landscaper Truck Bodies are designed by lawn care professionals to haul equipment, debris, garbage, trash and more. Let Wil-Ro design a truck body that is right for you!  

    Landscape Truck Bodies
  • Wil-Ro Truck Parts and Accessories

    Wil-Ro makes Accessories and Parts for your Truck While it is true that we make fine custom built trucks, we also build accessories that can extend the value of your truck and make it meet your needs.  We also maintain a supply of parts to service your truck.

    Wil-Ro Truck Parts and Accessories
  • Wil-Ro Haulers

    Wil-Ro Hauler Trucks Deliver! We manufacture Hauler truck bodies for moving horses and livestock or your favorite RV.  Our trucks also do general commercial hauling over-the-road or local.  Wil-Ro customized trucks will work for you!

    Wil-Ro Haulers