Special Landscape Truck Bodies

Special Landscape Trucks

Wil-Ro skillfully manufactures landscape truck bodies. Like the removable dovetail truck bed, equipped with features from our other models, the special landscape body will haul and secure what is needed for the job.

This Wil-Ro product is the ultimate landscape body with several available features to create the perfect solution for fulfilling your professional requirements.

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The distinct option of a removable dovetail with an easy to attach hitch receiver is part of what makes Wil-Ro well respected among landscape truck body manufacturers. Utilize additional space for more substantial projects such as those with larger properties or grounds maintenance. Load the bed with the help of spring-assisted ramps that create one large or two smaller ramps.

It’s no secret that storage and optimal organization help make any landscaping job simpler. The storage features available with our landscape truck beds will do just that with a storage box built into the multiple variations of available headboards. You’ll have a place for needed materials in the truck bed with a rake and shovel holder plus water cooler holder, an option for a cross box between the bed and cabin, underbody toolboxes, and leaf blower racks.

Multiple variations of sides are available, as well as D-rings for securing equipment so your haul stays where it should while driving. These features are built to keep you, your truck, and the other drivers on the road safe.

Create the perfect truck body with Wil-Ro. Trust us— we are veteran-owned, using American-made materials, and pride ourselves on making quality, reliable landscape trucks for your business.

Not what you’re looking for? Check out our standard landscape bodies, removable dovetail, and dump landscape beds or the irrigator truck body for your other landscaping transportation needs.

  • Headboard Storage Box
  • Rake and Shovel Holder
  • Water Cooler Holder
  • D-rings for Securing Equipment
  • Split Spring-Assist Ramps
  • Removable Dovetail
  • Hitch Receiver
  • Multiple Variations of Sides
  • Optional Barn Doors in Rear Of Bed
  • Multiple Variations of Headboards
  • Optional Storage Cross Box Between Cab and Bed
  • Underbody Toolboxes
  • Leaf Blower Racks

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