Skirted Flatbed Hauler

Skirted Flatbed Trucks

Wil-Ro’s skirted flatbed can work for you. We strive to make the most durable, reliable, and flexible applications to ensure productivity and efficiency in your business. The trusted, quality features that come with the Wil-Ro hauler truck bed series can make hauling easy.

A popular model for farmers, and construction workers. This work truck is equipped with a heavy-duty metal skirt beneath the truck bed that creates a space for two built-in storage boxes on each side.

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You can trust the larger items you need to transport are safe in the bed of the truck and know that your smaller, yet necessary items are safely stowed below. The solid, sleek skirt also gives the truck body a striking and distinctive look, we believe your truck should not only help you with the workload, but also give you a sense of pride when transporting to and from job sites.

Our skirted flatbed is designed to keep your haul secure for safety. A 2-inch receiver hitch and an easily-stowed gooseneck ball provides convenient hitching and towing options and is available in multiple lengths and widths to fit your truck perfectly.

The versatility you need is available with optional features such as 4-inch side rails and a rear gate for additional safety measures, as well as a 7-pole light plug in the gooseneck box, a B&W turnover ball, and a 16-inch trough on the bed.

Our American-made products offer innovative designs to provide the perfect truck bed for whatever you need to haul. Offering intelligent manufacturing is part of our heritage to ensure we’re giving you the strongest, longest-lasting truck bed you’ll ever own. Take pride in your work with the skirted hauler. Hauler beds are one of our passions.

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  • Available in Multiple Lengths and Widths To Fit Most Truck Makes and Model
  • Gooseneck Ball with Flip Over Door
  • Standard LED Lights
  • 2 Built-in Toolboxes on each Side (Total Of 4) for Storage
  • 2” Receiver Hitch
  • 4″ Sides
  • Rear Gate
  • Additional 7-Pole Light Plug in Gooseneck Box
  • B&W Turnover Ball
  • Available With 16” Trough

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