Custom Truck Body Solutions

Custom Truck Bodies and Equipment

Our custom truck bodies and equipment offer solutions for most. Wil-Ro custom truck beds can be fitted for landscapers, HVAC, transportation and highway repair crews, lumber yards, electricians, carpenters, plumbers and more. Determine the features and configurations to make your job easier and trust us to make it happen.

Wil-Ro’s truck body fabrication demonstrates our commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail. We’ve got a truck body for you.

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After 45+ years, we’ve set the standard for quality, American-made truck body solutions for a variety of industries and workflows. Our longstanding history of excellent customer communication has given us the feedback and experience to deliver top of the line products. From contractors and construction crews to groundskeepers and tradespeople, Wil-Ro has the expertise to build what you need. The answers to your work truck needs are found in our hauler, flatbed, or dump truck bodies.

Each of the Wil-Ro truck beds is available in multiple widths and lengths to fit the make and model of your truck. Allow Wil-Ro to create the perfect amount of transport space needed for projects large and small.

Functionality paired with professional and eye-catching design is our specialty. Our quality truck bodies do the heavy-lifting. A variety of different lifts, hoists, and lift gates get your equipment on and off the truck with ease. Sides in varying heights with either permanent or fold-down capabilities keep everything contained. Additionally create the perfect-sized headboard to protect the front end of your truck, and storage boxes as needed for organizing smaller tools.

Overcome the obstacles challenging your transportation issues. We’ve mastered the art of manufacturing truck bodies. Experience our high-quality craftsmanship for yourself. Outfit your work truck fleet with Wil-Ro’s custom truck bodies and equipment.

Wil-Ro can customize a body to fit any need:

  • Lengths and Widths
  • Sides
  • Headboards
  • Storage Boxes
  • Lifts
  • Hoists
  • Lift Gates

Let's Build Something - Together