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Explore our contractor truck bodies. Is your construction crew hauling demolition waste, scrap metal, sand, or other loose material? Are you a contractor cleaning up building or excavation sites? Do you manage road crews transporting repair materials?

Wil-Ro’s dump bodies work for you. Our contractor truck beds boldly embody the spirit of expert craftsmanship in a solid made product built in our factory in Gallatin, TN.

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During the past 45+ years, experience has pioneered designs found in our contractor dump body. Tackle your tasks and get to and from the job site with peace of mind knowing that your materials are safe and secure.

Transporting the building blocks of any construction project requires strength and durability. Your truck needs to withstand the weight of job materials and allow you to unload without damage. Our solution shines in the smooth surface of our dump truck body made of ten-gauge smooth steel. Available in 10′ or 12′ lengths, this truck bed has maximum space.

Empty the dump bed through our top-quality hoist and double acting rear gate. The rear gate gives different options for unloading in a controlled manner, whether it’s lightweight or denser materials. Other features of Wil-Ro truck bed fabrication include 12” or 16” sides that fold-down or stay permanent plus a manual tarp to protect any cargo.

The safety of your drivers, passengers, truck, and cargo is one of our top priorities. Rest assured, while the back of your truck is carrying heavy-duty items, the cab will remain undamaged from load debris. The cab protector can add length and extend over the top of the truck as an extra safety measure for worry-free travel. Other standard features include underbody toolboxes and a receiver hitch for added storage and towing.

As a veteran-owned business, Wil-Ro’s hardworking manufacturing experts team complete each truck body with pride. We’re committed to building the right contractor truck body for your business.

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  • 10 Gauge Smooth Steel Floor
  • Available in 10′ Or 12′ Lengths
  • Double Acting Rear Gate
  • Cab Protectors
  • Underbody Toolboxes
  • Receiver Hitch
  • 12” or 16” Sides
  • Permanent or Fold Down Sides
  • Manual Tarp

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